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About RHB home loan

RHB Bank was established in Singapore in 1961 as UMBC, and, through a series of rapid expansion and strategic mergers, became known as RHB Bank Berhad Singapore (RHBS) in 1999. For almost half a century in Singapore, the fully-licensed bank offers acceptance of savings and fixed deposits from the public as well as the provision of loans (including the RHB home loan) and credit facilities to individuals and corporations. Key business segments are retail banking, commercial banking, corporate banking, treasury, and investment banking.

RHB Bank has seven branches around the island and 13 Bureau de Change counters at the Singapore Changi International Airport. The bank also operates in Malaysia, where banking services include the RHB easy loan, a personal loan with low repayments and flexible tenure. 

RHB home loan

The home loan products from RHB can be used for purchases of public housing flats from the Housing Development Board of Singapore, as well as private properties. In both instances, RHB Bank offers interest rates below the existing HDB board rate or mortgage rate.

Other RHB home loan products include the commercial property loan, the Malaysia residential property financing product, the Malaysia commercial property financing product, and the RHB renovation loan. The Malaysia-related products intended for Singapore citizens offer high financing quantum of up to 80% of purchase price and easy repayment arrangements of up to 30 years. Those who avail of the renovation loan can also get an option for an exclusive furnishing loan, which offers the choice for additional financing for home furnishings.

To apply for all RHB easy loans in offer, a prospective borrower must be a Singaporean citizen, a Singapore permanent resident or a foreigner at least 21 years old. An applicant must submit a photocopy of the National Registration Identification Card, as well as proof of income (latest payslip for salaried employees, income tax notice for self-employed applicants, and stamped tenancy agreement for those who earn rental income), a printout of financial information on HDB loan commitment, and latest statements of all credit facilities with other lenders.

For applicants who will refinance home loan through RHB, a recent loan statement showing past 12 months repayment history is needed. For property purchase purposes, the following are needed: reservation form, booking form, contract of sale, and sale and purchase agreement

RHB home loan: Private property home loan

An easy RHB loan to secure, the private property home loan is currently available in two promo packages: the direct customers variable package and the mortgage deposit bundle variable package. The former has a minimum loan amount of S$100,000, while the latter has a loan amount between S$500,000 and S$1,500,000.

RHB home loan: HDB home loan

This home loan is available in two classifications: the two-year variable package and the three-year variable package, which have two- and three-year lock-in periods, respectively.

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