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About Maybank

Maybank is among Asia's leading banking groups and is South East Asia’s fourth largest bank by assets.The bank is committed to bringing seamless banking and a wider spectrum of value-added financial services to our customers. We harness the latest technological advances to increase our network's effectiveness, so customers are able to conduct their banking transactions anytime and anywhere, via traditional and electronic channels. Maybank Singapore is a Qualifying Full Bank (QFB) and is one of the Group’s largest overseas operations. For the convenience of our customers, all Maybank's 22 Branches and more than 35 ATMs are strategically located in both the business districts and suburban estates. Maybank is also part of Singapore's only shared ATM network combining the reach of more than 150 locations of the seven QFBs.

Our pursuit for business excellence standards since 2009, has also seen Maybank become the first Bank in Singapore to achieve all four certifications by SPRING Singapore for the Singapore Quality Class Star, Singapore Service Class, People Developer and Singapore Innovation Class at an enterprise level.

About Maybank

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Based on a Cardholder that spends $1,500 / month for a year


Family & Friends Card

PROMO Until 30 Nov 2016
Cashback Up To
$ 600 / YR


Catholic High Alumni Platinum Associates

Miles Up To
7,200 MILES/ YR
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